Endorsements & Testimonials

We always ask our clients to write or email us, and tell us truthfully how valuable our service to them was. Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about us:


We began our journey with Judy and Todd over 2 years ago to try to get our home sold. Though we never had the chance to officially meet them, they were always very pleasant and thorough on the phone. They always took the the time to call us or send an email to let us know what was going on. I dealt mainly with Todd and he was absolutely wonderful, he always returned my phone calls promptly and did as much as he could to help us out. It was a very long 2 year process of trying to get our home sold but without Realty Quest, we never would've been able to sell it. Todd worked diligently to get our house shown and we are so thankful for the time and patience he took to get it sold. We will be recommending Realty Quest to anyone trying to sell their home.

Autumn Beebe

I knew Katie from the Realty Quest team when we worked in cub scouting together. I appreciated her work in cub scouting and I loved that if she said she would do something, you never had to worry about it getting done right and done quickly. When we started looking for our first home, I naturally went to her because of this, and I never regretted it for a second! She and the Realty Quest team were very professional, prompt, honest, and kind. They were easy to get on the phone or in the office and were very quick to return our calls and answer any questions that we had. They never made us feel pressured and they were happy to spend plentiful time with us and our house hunt. The Realty Quest team was great to work with and they made finding and buying our new home a breeze! Thank you, Realty Quest!

Kat Williams



Realty Quest found and sold us a beautiful house within our budget in one week. In the same amount of time [Judy] personally sold the same house for us later at a substantial profit while other realtors were still fumbling over the details of putting us under contract! Judy's Seller Agent, Todd Davis, sold our second house again at a substantial profit. Their easy-out policy proves they are willing to go the extra mile for your business.


Buyer and Seller

Will and Kellie

Thank you for your help and success in finding our family a home here in Rexburg. Your service was outstanding. We appreciated your patience as we secured Will’s job and your dedication in helping us find a home that met our criteria and desires. You were honest, knowledgeable, quick, and patient. Thank you for doing so much extra legwork that we couldn’t do from Omaha. We knew things would work out with your help and efficiency. We love our location and home thanks to you, Katie, Judy, and all who helped!! We’ll gladly refer others your way!

Will and Kellie


Thank you for checking in. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and your team's help with the sale of my lot. When a little birdie in Rexburg said that you and your team are the best, they were right! I am more than satisfied with your service and am appreciative for the quick transaction. I have the check sitting here, and will be depositing it this week.

Thank you again, I will definitely reach out to you if I'm in need of your services.
Cheers! To a new beginning! With gratitude and warmth.



We appreciate each one of you and the part you took in selling our home. We feel you did a great job. We were so thrilled with how fast you got our home sold, which was a huge thing for us...We definitely will recommend you highly to our friends. We feel you are the Best. We appreciate you!

Steve, Susan and family

Buyer and Seller

Thanks again for all you're doing to make all of this happen. We really do appreciate your hard work and willingness to makes things happen. Every time we leave your office we honestly feel like you've exceeded our expectations. So I just want to express our gratitude and appreciation that you're a part of our team.


Dear Judy and Todd: This card just isn't big enough to say the BIG THANK YOU you deserve. I want you to know how much I appreciate your time, support, and the wonderful opportunity to work with [clients].



Thank you so much for all of your great work in helping us get in to our home! You guys did an awesome job! We are so happy to get settled before Christmas. Thanks for everything! We will definitely recommend you guys to anyone who needs to buy or sell their home! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Derek and Melissa


Everyone at Realty Quest has been so wonderful...I have felt overwhelmed at the care and support you show. This isn't goodbye as you should have people coming in by referral from me...as I always have told people how wonderful you guys are. Katie - you are very special to us. It takes a wonderful person to be calm amidst storms. You, Judy, and everyone there have that gift. Thank you so very much.



I wanted to thank you again for the great service you gave to Martha and me when we sold our townhouse in Rexburg. The two of you truly went above and beyond what was required. I think I might of given up on the buyer before you did and worked to find a new buyer. You did a great job for us and we appreciate it.



Thank you for spending some time with us the other day. We have seen a lot of different real estate companies, and we were very impressed with your company dynamics. When we are ready, we will call you.

Brent & LaReesa

potential buyers

We just want to take a minute to thank you for all the things you do for us and the wonderful service you provide. We always look forward to working with you.

Edge Real Estate

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for everything you guys did for us in trying to sell our house! We appreciate your expertise and helpfulness!
Thanks again!

Katrena and Jeff


We were always in the loop. We knew exactly what was going on. Your customer service was awesome, I would love to work with you and your staff again. Your service was excellent, especially how you have toys for little ones, my son..loved playing with the legos, and we liked how you would always offer us something to drink.



Thanks for all your help, you've been great and we are very impressed with the entire team at Realty Quest!